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RAF veterans share war stories with children's author

A Midland children's author will meet real Second World War RAF veterans as he prepares to release his debut book, based on the Battle of Britain.

Graham Jones will be at the air base in Cosford today, where he will discuss his story with five pilots - all in their 90s and who served in the war - including Battle of Britain survivor Ken Wilkinson.

The five veterans will discuss their war stories with Midlands-based children's author Graham Jones Credit: David Jones/PA

Mr Jones' first book, called Time Travelling Toby and the Battle of Britain, is aimed at encouraging young children to learn about the historic battle.

Mr Wilkinson will also be signing a copy of the book to be auctioned off for a charity chosen by the Air Crew Association.


Blood bike service to launch at RAF Cosford

A new blood bikes service will be officially launched today at RAF Cosford. Credit: Royal Air Force Museum Cosford

A new blood bikes service will be officially launched today at RAF Cosford.

The Shropshire and Staffordshire charity has more than 100 volunteer riders and two specially equipped motorbikes.

They will deliver blood and medical items to support the NHS, saving up to £300 each time.

Four-time World-Superbike Champion Carl Fogerty will also be there to give his support.

Iconic Spitfire expected to fly over RAF Cosford

The second day of Battle of Britain commemoration at RAF Cosford could see a fly-past by one of the most iconic planes in history.

The Spitfire is expected to fly over the air force base as part of their remembrance event for the Battle of Britain.

The iconic Spitfire is due to fly past today Credit: Jamie Duff/Press Association Images

However, organisers say the weather may affect the appearance of the aircraft, which is due to fly over Cosford at 2.25pm.

A Lancaster Bomber flew over the base yesterday, as the first part of the two-day family event.

Lancaster Bomber to commemorate Battle of Britain

A Lancaster bomber will fly past RAF Cosford today to commemorate the Battle of Britain.

It will be part of a weekend of events at the base to remember what could be considered the most important event in Royal Air Force history.

A Lancaster bomber will fly past RAF Cosford Credit: Rui Vieira/PA Wire/Press Association Images

Other activities include engine demonstrations, operations room reconstructions and a ‘dig-for-victory’ garden.

The Battle of Britain was a crucial event in the First World War, where the RAF managed to overcome the German Luftwaffe in a series of airborne battles and help keep the country from invasion.

Conservation underway at RAF Cosford on salvaged German bomber

Work has begun to conserve a Second World War German aircraft which has been lifted from the seabed off the coast of Kent.

The wreckage of the world's last surviving Dornier Do-17 medium bomber was salvaged from the English Channel after 73 years.

It is now at the RAF Museum Cosford. The remaining parts have been moved into two hydration tunnels where they will be sprayed with a mixture of water and citric acid to remove a build up of material from the sea. The process could take more than a year.

Keith Wilkinson reports.


Dornier 17 moved to hydration tent

Dornier 17 is ready to be coated in a solution of water and citric acid Credit: ITV News Central

The last remaining Dornier 17 is under-going restoration at RAF Cosford after arriving yesterday.

The remains of the plane, that has been under water in the English Channel since the Second World War, will now be coated in water and citric acid to remove the barnacles from the metal. This process will take about twelve months.

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