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Historic Leicester church spire at risk of collapse

The spire on St Mary de Castro church in Leicester has been pronounced unsafe and at risk of collapse.

From today the pedestrian route through Castle View and the area around the church will be closed off to the public.

Scaffolding is going to be erected before the spire is dismantled and rebuilt. Work could take six months and the area will be closed off and church closed to visitors

It is believed that the Middle Ages poet Geoffrey Chaucer was married in the church in 1366.

St Mary de Castro Church in Leicester city centre Credit: ITV News Central

Leicester church closed and surrounding area to be roped off over spire fears

St Mary de Castro church, Leicester Credit: ITV News Central

The area around St Mary de Castro church in Leicester is to be cordoned off today to pedestrians for up to six months after safety inspections found the church spire to be "in a dangerous state and at risk of collapse".

The church has been running a "Save Our Spire" campaign for the last year.

The poet Geoffrey Chaucer, who wrote the Canterbury Tales, is thought to have been married here.



Is this the face of Jesus Christ in a cushion in Coventry?

Is this the face of Jesus Christ? Credit: ITV News Central

A face that is thought to be that of Jesus Christ has appeared in a cushion in Coventry.

A member of staff spotted the face on Wednesday afternoon but thought little of it.

The next day, when the image was still there, the whole office started to investigate.

The face was spotted in a cushion on a chair Credit: ITV News Central

Members of the society began to think a little more of the face in the cushion as they were approaching the Easter weekend.

A local priest who visited the site believes it is a religious phenomenon and has given it a blessing.

Coventry Irish Society members inspect the cushion Credit: ITV News Central
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