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Fresh hope for Richard O'Dwyer?

Richard O'Dwyer (right) and his mother Julia (left) Credit: PA

There could be fresh hope today for Richard O'Dwyer and his family, after the Home Secretary said she would withdraw the extradition order against Gary McKinnon - the man accused of computer hacking.

Richard O'Dwyer, from Chesterfield, currently faces extradition to the US, accused of infringing copyright laws.

He allegedly earned thousands of pounds through advertising on the TVShack website before it was closed down by US authorities.

Today, his mother Julia O'Dwyer congratulated Gary McKinnon's mother, saying the decision was 'nothing more than [the family] deserve x '

Home Secretary Theresa May described the McKinnon case as a "difficult and exceptional case".


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Student facing extradition takes fight to Parliament

A student from Chesterfield who is challenging an extradition order to the United States where he is facing copyright charges has taken his fight to parliament. Richard O'Dwyer set up a website which offered links to pirated movies and tv programmes.

Today he met the MP Keith Vaz who chairs the Home Affairs Committee which has raised concerns about the extradition process.

Extradition student lobbies MP

Richard O'Dwyer is fighting extradition to the USA Credit: ITV News

A student from Chesterfield who is facing extradition to the United States to face copyright charges is to lobby the the Leicester East MP Keith Vaz at Westminster today.

It follows the signing of the extradition order by Home Secretary Theresa May earlier this year.

Richard O'Dwyer set up TVshack.Net, a website offering links to pirated films and television programmes.

His equipment was seized by the US authorities with the support of British police back in November 2010.

The Americans want him to stand trial for breaching copyright laws in the US.

They say that the student raised almost £150,000 in advertising on the site which has now been shut down.

Keith Vaz MP chairs the Home Affairs Select Committee and will meet Richard O'Dwyer and his mother Julia this afternoon.

A petition challenging the extradition order has now raised more than 20,000 signatures.

Richard O'Dwyer claims that to provide links to websites is not an offence under British law so therefore he does not believe he should face a trial in America.

There is growing concern cross party concern about the whole extradition process which was established by a treaty back in 2003.

The liberal democrat President Tim Farron has described the bid for Mr O'Dwyer's extradition as 'ludicrous'.

Richard O'Dwyer and his mother say they will never give up their legal challenge.


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