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Drop in Severn Trent profits

The Midlands water firm has been the target of a £5 billion buyout Credit: Joe Giddens/PA Wire/Press Association Images

Coventry firm Severn Trent has posted lower annual profits of £266.3 million.

The figure, which was down 3.3% on the previous year, is being put down to investment in infrastructure - and customers using less water.

The company said farmers relied less on supplies because of the wet summer.

Outgoing chief executive Tony Wray, who will retire from the group next spring - said it was a "good financial performance".

Severn Trent, which supplies 4.2 million households and businesses across the Midlands and parts of Wales, recently rejected an approach from an overseas consortium headed by Canadian infrastructure investment group Borealis, but today gave no clues over a fresh bid.

Severn Trent rejects international takeover offer

Coventry-based water company Severn Trent, has rejected a preliminary takeover offer from several international investors, including Borealis infrastructure and the Kuwait Investment Office, saying the offer undervalued the business.

"The board of Severn Trent has reviewed the proposal with its advisers and concluded that it completely fails to recognise the existing and potential value of Severn Trent," the company said.

On Tuesday, the water company announced it had received a takeover approach. Financial News magazine reported that it could be around £5billion.

Severn Trent response to Institute of Civil Engineers

“We do not agree with the idea that universal metering will solve drought issues. Whilst metering is a good way for our customers to only pay for the water they use, it’s more important for us to help our customers understand why it is important to use water wisely.

“Customers in our region are very water conscious, with the lowest consumption per head in the UK. Our year-round message remains the same – continue to use water wisely as part of your everyday life. You will also save money on your water and energy bills.”

– Severn Trent Water


Severn Trent announce fall in pre-tax profits

Severn Trent Headquarters on Coventry Road, Birmingham Credit: PA

Midlands water firm Severn Trent's underlying pre-tax profits have fallen by 4.6% to £275.3million in the year.

At the FTSE 100 company’s annual financial results, they announced revenues for the period were £1.77 billion, up from £1.71 billion.

Severn Trent supplies water to eight million customers across the Midlands and have pledged to invest an extra £150million into its network.

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8/10 drains are blocked, says drain cleaner for Severn Trent

Peter Hearne, drain cleaner for Severn Trent.

"I'll have a bet with you. You pick 10, I bet you 8 of them are blocked".

"And what was the cause of this blockage?"

"Baby wipes, sanitary products, fat. Fat and grease mainly. People are using these sanitary wipes, cleansing wipes, make up wipes, all throwing it down. That's what it is. The drains just aren't made for it."

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