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Winning the ultimate competition - a trip into space

Oliver Knight who's won a trip into space Credit: ITV Central

Oliver Knight is just 25 but next year he will realise a lifelong ambition - to go into space. He one of 23 people who won competition for a place in space. He went to a specialist training camp in Florida and came out on top.

"Only 537 people have ever been in space in the history of mankind. So to be one of the next people is absolutely incredible and I really feel privileged to have this opportunity" says Oliver Knight

Worcestershire man wins competition to go into space

An engineer from Malvern has won a competition to go into space next year.

Oliver Knight was one of 23 wannabe astronauts from all over the world who came out top in training at a special space camp in Florida.

Oliver Knight from Malvern meets Buzz Aldrin Credit: ITV News Central

The 25-year-old had to complete a series of physical and aptitude tests to win the prize. He will go to California next year and fly up in the Lynx Mark 11 space craft.


  1. Andy Bevan

Space Artist from Birmingham who's out of this world - full report

Even though it's nearly 50 years since man first landed on the moon, hopes of reaching other planets are still a distant dream - but not in the mind of one Midlands man.

David A. Hardy's imagination has helped the rest of us visualise what life on other worlds might look like - and his work has been celebrated across this one. Andy Bevan has his story.

Birmingham Space Artist works celebrated the world over

Artwork for 'War of the Worlds' Credit: David A. Hardy

Here are a selection of some of Birmingham artist David A. Hardy's artworks.

The 77-year-old from Hall Green has used his imagination to help create scenes for some of the most iconic science fiction and fantasy landscapes.

And as you can see from the following images - even some of his home city's iconic architecture is a source of inspiration.

Volcano erupting in Jupiter landscape Credit: David A. Hardy
Bullring on Mars Credit: David A. Hardy
Storyboard from 1984 film The Never Ending Story Credit: David A. Hardy
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