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Robber who had to abandon 'heavy' bag of stolen goods loses challenge to sentence

Credit: BPM Media

A robber who had to abandon stolen cigarettes worth £9000 because they proved too heavy has had his challenge of his sentence rejected.

Reece Melvin Jones from Tipton was one of three men who targeted an Asda shop in Darlaston in December 2015.

The gang threatened a security guard with a wrench as they took thousands of pounds worth of cigarettes in a large builder's bag. But it proved so "full and heavy" that they could not get it through the doors and abandoned it.

Jones was arrested after a police chase, but had challenged his sentence because of his youth and relatively minor previous convictions. But Mr Justice Fraser pointed to the threats, including with the wrench, the treatment of the security guard and the resisting of arrest.

“Four-and-a-half years was not manifestly excessive and this appeal is dismissed,” ruled the judge.

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