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Nottingham club may have to close because of tram works

An ex-servicemen's club in Nottingham says it may have to close any day because of the tram works.

Beeston Victory Club opened in 1918 but now taxis and buses can no longer stop outside.

It says it has lost nearly a thousand members since the work began.

Peter Ure, who runs the club, told ITV News Central that they are struggling to run their business.

Nottinghamshire County Council say it's totally committed to supporting local businesses but the club says it's lost more than 40 thousand pounds.

Next phase of tramworks in Nottingham

Tram in Nottingham's Old Market Square Credit: PA

This weekend the next stage of works to lay tram tracks in Nottingham will begin.

Tracks will be laid across Queen Road East to create a T junction where it meets University Boulevard.

The work will take place overnight tonight from 8pm. Traffic will be switched to new lanes which have already been completed but motorists are being told to expect delays.

Final stages of tram-line extension set to begin

The final work on Nottingham's tram extension to Clifton is expected to start next month.

It is part of a £750million investment by Nottingham City Council in transport infrastructure.

Nottingham's tram network is being extended to Clifton, amongst other areas of the city... Credit: Lewis Stickley/PA Archive/Press Association Images

A drop-in information session is being held later this afternoon at Holy Trinity Church in Clifton.


  1. Peter Bearne

Lindsey 'casually walked by' recalls tram driver

The driver of the tram which hit 13-year-old teenager, Lindsey Inger has taken to the witness stand to recall the events of that night.

Adrian Vickery, who has eight years experience in the job, told the inquest he saw a group of children on the left hand side of the crossing.

He said he sounded his horn when the first girl started to cross. He recalled one girl, which was Lindsey, walking across after the other three had reached the central reservation.

Mr Vickery said:

I saw her in front of me and kept thinking 'move, move' but she just casually walked by.

He told the coroner there was absolutely nothing he could have done to avoid the collision.

After his evidence, a member of Lindsey's family told Mr Vickery:

We don't blame you - we know you did everything to prevent it happening.

  1. Peter Bearne

Inquest told tram sounded horn seconds before accident

An inquest in Nottingham has heard that a tram sounded its horn five seconds before hitting and killing a teenage girl.

13-year-old Lindsey Inger died instantly when she was struck in November 2012.

PC Colin Thomas from Nottinghamshire Police carried out a forensic investigation at the scene and studied CCTV images taken from a camera on the tram.

He told the inquest Lindsey had not stepped onto the track when the tram-driver sounded the horn. But for some reason she did not hear or see the tram and carried on walking over the crossing.

There was also no evidence that Lindsey had been wearing earphones or using her phone when she was hit.

Tram traffic causes major disruption in Nottingham

People in Nottingham are urging council leaders to address the issues surrounding major traffic problems within the city.

The construction of new tram routes in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire have led to increased journey times in several areas of the city.

A new road layout before University Boulevard, near Beeston, resulted in long delays when it opened on the morning of the 20 January, with some members of the public queuing for up to an hour.

Lindsey Inger death: inquest to hear tram driver's evidence

Lindsey Inger died when she was hit by a tram in Nottinghamshire in 2012 Credit: ITV News Central

An inquest into the death of teenager Lindsey Inger will hear evidence from the driver of the tram which hit her at a crossing in Nottinghamshire in 2012.

The coroner is also expected to hear statements from her friends who saw what happened.

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