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Snow now suspends all West Midlands bus services

Bus operator National Express West Midlands has tweeted it's suspended all of its bus services because of the heavy snowfall.

It says severe road conditions have forced buses to stop running until further notice.


  1. Chris Halpin

Crackdown on low level offences on Midlands rail routes

Rail enforcement officers have started cracking down on low-level anti-social behaviour across the West Midlands.

Specially-trained staff from London Midland are targeting passengers who put feet on seats, play loud music or ride bicycles on platforms.

Those caught are cautioned and could face prosecution. Some passengers Chris Halpin spoke to today thought it was heavy-handed, but the company's bosses say the action will stop more serious offences.

  1. Chris Halpin

Businesses angry at further Midland Metro extension delay

Businesses along the route of the new tram extension in Birmingham say they're angry the project has been delayed again after safety tests found problems with the track.

Firms have received compensation for the over running works, but some say they're still surviving on a knife edge.

The £128 million upgrade and extension was meant to start carrying passengers all the way to and from Grand Central station this weekend.

Those in charge of the work say the setback is 'bitterly disappointing', but they must get everything right before the route can open to the public. Chris Halpin reports.

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