Drunk and drug drivers in West Midlands on increase for second year

Police advise drivers to drive without having any alcohol at all. Credit: ITV Central

Figures released today show an increase in the number of drivers getting behind the wheel on drugs or over the alcohol limit for the second year in a row.

In the West Midlands there was an increase of 18.7% in the number of drivers who failed drink and drug tests during this year's summer drink and drug driving campaign by the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO).

Figures released today show an increase in the number of drink drivers 2nd year in a row. Credit: ITV Central

Inspector Greg Jennings, from the force's Traffic Unit and who led this year's campaign, said:

"Drink and drug driving remains a significant contributor to deaths on the roads and the summer months represent a peak in that danger."

"The summer of 2012 is a unique and exciting time for Great Britain with Olympic teams and events here in the West Midlands. We hope that everyone will enjoy this summer and drivers will act responsibly in the knowledge that the only safe level of alcohol to drive with is zero."