Midlands World Records

The Guinness Book of World Records is published today and features a host of incredible feats achieved by people from across the Midlands.

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Details of Midlands Guinness World Record breakers released

The 2013 Guinness World Records is released today and has revealed the details of record breakers living in the Midlands. They include:

  • Largest garden spade - Worcestershire
  • Most microlights flying simultaneously - Telford
  • Heaviest onion & heaviest potato - Two individual records - Nottinghamshire
  • Oldest active boxer - Nottinghamshire
  • Fastest escape from a straitjacket - Leicestershire
  • Most gravy wrestling wins - Leicestershire
  • Largest trousers - Leicestershire
  • Heaviest weight lifted with an eye socket - Leicestershire
  • Fastest marathon dressed as a fairy - Leicestershire
  • Youngest person to row the Indian Ocean solo (female) & first female to row the Indian Ocean solo - Leicestershire
  • Longest tongue - West Midlands
  • Fastest cycle across Europe (North Cape to Tarifa) - individual - Leicestershire
  • Oldest living bearded dragon - Leicestershire
  • Oldest locomotive roundhouse - Derbyshire
  • Longest rail grind - snowboard - Staffordshire
  • Oldest wing walker - West Midlands
  • Fastest marathon in a nurse's uniform (male)

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