Stranded Students Return Home

The latest on students from Shropshire and Leicester who were stuck in New York, as a result of Superstorm Sandy.

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Pupils describe night stuck in super-storm

Pupils from a school in Leicester have spent the night trapped in a hotel in New York after one of the most severe storms in living memory hit the north east coast of the US.

Thirty-eight pupils aged between 15 and 18 from Leicester all Girls High School have been sending us pictures and telling us what it is like to be in New York now.

"Throughout the night there were fire engines whizzing up and down.

"Outside was a ghost town, homeless people had abandoned their trollies.

"The worst part was waiting for the unknown, this was our first major storm and seeing the American news was alarming.

"Seeing the spread of darkness across New York as the power shut off was scary."

– Pupil Sorcha Whyte,

"Lying in bed at midnight and hearing the silence then the beginning of the wind with the lights flickering was scary, we missed the power cut by 3 blocks.

"The sound of the wind was like a tube train"

"Times Square is a ghost town, eerie sirens can be heard every so often.

– Pupil Sophie Upcraft

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