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There are 67,639 registered stem cell donors in the Midlands. Of those, 2,352 are Asian donors from the East Midlands and 1,878 from the West Midlands.

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Leukaemia patient urging Asian men to register as stem cell donors

A Leicestershire police officer who's currently battling leukaemia is urging Asians in the Midlands to register as life-saving stem cell donors after struggling to find a match for himself.

A suitable donor was finally found for Rik Basra in Germany after unsuccessfully finding a match in the UK.

The officer had a transplant of donated cells in December, and is now campaigning for more Asians to sign the Anthony Nolan register so more lives can be saved.

Rik Basra didn't think he was going to survive after failing to find an appropriate Asian donor.

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