Coventry Homophobic Attack

Two men were attacked outside a kebab house in Coventry city centre for what the police describe as a homosexual hate crime. The attacked happened at 1am on Sunday January 27.

Two men assaulted in homophobic attack in Coventry

Two men have been attacked in Coventry city centre for what the police describe as a homophobic assault.

The unprovoked assault happened at 1am on Sunday morning (January 27) outside Coventry Kebab House on New Union Street.

Both men, who were left without lasting injuries, were punched in the face then subsequently kicked in the chest after the attacker wrongly questioned the sexuality of one of the victims.

The assailant is described as a dark-skinned man, in his mid 20s to early 30s, between 6ft and 6ft 2ins tall, of broad build with a goatee style beard and short dark hair.

Coventry Police are appealing for witnesses.

It was a viscous and unprovoked assault on two victims who were simply minding their own business after having had an enjoyable night out.

"What makes this all the more shocking is that it was seemingly purely motivated by speculation about the victim’s sexuality.

"Thankfully neither of the two men were left with lasting injuries as a result of the assault, but they have clearly been left shaken.

– PC Tony Sedgley, Coventry Police

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