King Richard III remains to be buried in Leicester

The High Court has ruled that the University of Leicester does have the rights to bury King Richard III's remain in the city's cathedral.

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Scientists describe what they found in the grave

Dr Jo Appleby, Project Osteologist.

  • the item in the skull may not have been an arrow but a Roman nail
  • hands were crossed so possibly tied when the skeleton was interred
  • rib bone was sent to carbon dating labs - both labs said the individual could have died in 1485
  • skeleton mostly well preserved and complete
  • adult male with an unusually slender almost feminine build for a man
  • matches known facts- no suggestion of withered arm- individual of age 20-late 30s
  • probably of slightly taller height than average male of the time
  • unknown cause of curvature of the spine
  • the individual probably wasn't born with it, but it developed after the age of 10.

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