Terrorist plotters sentenced

Eleven Birmingham gang members who plotted terrorist attacks potentially bigger than the July 7 attacks have been sentenced at Woolwich Crown Court.

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Worshipper: 'Everybody's disappointed. Everybody's horrified'

Muslim worshippers in Sparkhill have been giving their reaction to the conviction of Irfan Naseer, Irfan Khalid and Ashik Ali.

They were planning a suicide bombing campaign which could have been more deadly that the July 7th attacks in London.

Worshippers at the Jamia Mosque Amir-e-Millat, near where the men lived, say their actions spoil the relationship in the community, and in no way represents the teachings of Islam.

One worshipper at the Jamia Mosque Amir-e-Millat told ITV News:

"Everybody's disappointed. Everybody's horrified. Nobody wants this sort of plotting going on in this area. Somebody's producing these terrorists not for the good gain of Muslims. It spoils the relationship in the community and overall in the world, for that matter."

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