'Bedroom Tax' Protests

Protests are taking place across the Midlands opposing plans to cut benefits for social housing tenants who are deemed to have a spare bedroom - which has been dubbed the 'Bedroom Tax'.

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Where are today's Midlands 'Bedroom Tax' protests?

There are 11 protests across the Central region today against the Government's plans to cut benefits for social housing tenants if they have a spare bedroom in their house.

It's one of a number of changes being brought in by the coalition government to try and reduce the country's welfare and benefits bill.

Nationally there are two main protests in London and Glasgow, and also 50 smaller demonstrations including these in the Midlands.

  • Wolverhampton - The Civic Centre at 1pm
  • Newcastle-under-Lyme at 1pm
  • Loughborough - Town Hall at 12pm
  • Lincoln - Speakers' Corner at 1pm
  • Kidderminster- Town Hall at 1pm
  • Uttoxeter - Town Hall at 11am
  • Derby - Council Offices at 1pm
  • Coventry - Council House at 1pm
  • Corby - Corby Cube at 12.30pm
  • Burton - High street at 1pm
  • Birmingham at 1pm

The national day of action has largely been organised by Labour Left, the political party's largest research group, in conjunction with trade unions and other left wing political parties including the Green Party.

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