Last Longbridge Mini found decaying in a tunnel for sale

The car lay hidden in the tunnel for three decades Credit: Red Marlin PR

A decaying Mini Clubman that lay hidden in the tunnels under the Longbridge factory for 30 years, making it the last Mini to leave the famous site, is being put up for auction.

The iconic car, which was used to travel around the Sprawling plant, had been secretly dumped by workers in the late 1970s after suffering some damage, thought to be caused by a a storage container falling onto it.

The iconic car was used to travel around the Sprawling plant Credit: Red Marlin PR

Photos of the 'lost Mini' emerged and after much searching it was saved by a former factory worker who got permission to remove it in 2012 shortly before the tunnels were due to be filled in, making it the last ever Mini to leave Longbridge.

The last Longbridge Mini is in need of major repairs Credit: Red Marlin PR

'The Longbridge Tunnel Mini' is being offered without reserve by Silverstone Auctions at its sale on Saturday 27th July at Silverstone circuit.