Pelka mother gives evidence

The mother of four-year-old Daniel Pelka, Magdelena Luczak will continue to give evidence in her trial for his murder. Mariusz Krezolek, Daniel's stepfather, has previously denied his murder. The boy died in March 2012.

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  1. Callum Watkinson

Krezolek admits it was 'hard' to understand English

Mr. Krezolek was asked about a visit to a GP in Coventry, during which the doctor was told that Daniel had an eating disorder.

"Do you deny that Dr. Chakrabarti was told that Daniel had an eating disorder?"

Mr. Krezolek told the jury it was hard for him to follow the conversation between Magdalena Luczak and the doctor because of his poor English.

"I don't know what Magda was saying, I know that the problem of food was touched upon."

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