Stalking victim says new help service is a 'good thing'

The UK's first stalking advocacy service, providing support for victims of stalking was launched at Parliament today.

It aims to create a coordinated community response to stalking, to ensure victims and their children are kept safe.

ITV News Central spoke to Chay Ankers from Warwickshire, who was stalked in 2006 by a Leicestershire woman, following a one night stand.

The woman he spent the night with stalked him for three years making his life a misery, and even followed him on holiday to Venezuela.

Chay said being stalked made him feel like he was in the wrong, "it's you that feels bad about it".

We got some assistance and had someone to talk to, but if there's a new support system out there that provides better help then that's only a good thing.

The best way to deal with it is to tell everybody about it, family, friends, work.

I wasn't worried it would affect my family even though it did… If they know what's happening then they are less likely to get involved.

– Chay Ankers from Warwickshire