Derby mother 'unlawfully killed'

A jury has found that a mother from Derby was 'unlawfully killed'. They concluded that Rachael Slack had been stabbed by her ex-partner Andrew Cairns. Her son Auden was also found dead.

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GP tells inquest Andrew Cairns was 'agitated'

Dr Michael Small has told an inquest into the death of a Derbyshire woman, her son and ex-boyfriend, Andrew Cairns, he saw Cairns on the 2nd June 2010. He said he was agitated and hyperventilating.

He looked anxious but he calmed down soon after. He spoke in a rational way and kept good eye contact with me. I didn't know he had previously been arrested for making threats to kill Rachael.

He did say that Rachael wasn't allowing him to have access to his son Auden.

During the consultation, he was holding a photograph and was saying he wanted to be involved in the care of Auden. I believed the consultation ended on a positive note.

He came in agitated and anxious but he appeared calmer when he left. He popped his head back to go through what the 'reduction regime' for his medication was.

– Dr Michael Small, GP

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