Emergency services prepare for 'Black Friday'

A lively night in Broad Street last year Credit: ITV News Central

The region's police forces are gearing up for Black Friday in two days time, due to be one of the biggest nights out of 2013.

On this night last year Staffordshire Police received 414 calls to its 999 service between 2pm and 7am.

There'll be more staff on hand in its call centres and on the streets.

The Force's tips for a safe night out include:

  • arrange a lift home

  • make sure your phone is fully charged

  • don't accept lifts from cruising taxis

  • don't leave drinks and bags unattended

  • never leave a party with a stranger

  • don't walk home alone

  • don't take short cuts

  • only drink non-alcoholic drinks if driving

  • stick in a group

  • don't drive for at least 12 hours after your last drink