Queen writes to seven year-old girl with Leukaemia

A seven year-old girl from Coventry who is battling Leukaemia, has received a letter of support from the Queen.

Seven year-old Rhiane with her letter of support from the Palace... Credit: ITV Central

Rhiane Tamna-Francois, from Whitley, was diagnosed with an aggressive and rare form of the disease in September.

As their daughter has a rare blood-type, the family is desperately searching for a bone marrow donor, in case her final chemotherapy session is unsuccessful.

The letter from the Queen, to Rhiane's aunt, Harjit Kaur... Credit: ITV Central

Rhiane’s aunt wrote to the Queen after meeting Prince William at Chandos primary school in Birmingham, where she works, and swiftly received the response on behalf of the Queen from her Lady-in Waiting.