Dangerous children's hats seized over strangulation fears

Children's hats featuring beloved cartoon characters have been taken off the shelves in Nottinghamshire after safety tests found they posed a serious risk of strangulation.

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Danger hats 'form noose which will not break'

Safety tests found that cartoon-style hats formed a "noose" which would not break under pressure, experts have revealed.

The under-chin ties remained tight even when force was applied, violating legal safety standards and posing a risk of hanging or strangulation.

The ties under the hats form a noose which will not break, even under force Credit: Nottinghamshire County Council

Almost 100 of the hats were seized from market stalls in Nottinghamshire and a shop in Mansfield, and the county council has issued a warning to traders against stocking them again.

Anyone who spots the hats on sale is urged to report the seller to trading standards immediately.

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