School boss complains to TV watchdog about 'Benefits Street'

A formal complaint has been made to TV watchdog, Ofcom, by the man in charge of a school on 'Benefits Street'. He claims children are being jeered at by 'tourists' during playtime.

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School boss has 'grave concerns' over 'Benefits Street'

This is a formal complaint about the very serious impact of the programmes on the students.

We have grave concerns about both the immediate and longer term impact of these ill-considered programmes on our whole Academy community, as well as individual students in our care.

– He spoke out after claims children, some as young as four, were being jeered and taunted through schoolgates.

These matters have caused unnecessary distress or anxiety to our whole student community.

It is impossible to measure, at this stage, the ongoing negative, longer term implications for both the physical and emotional welfare and dignity of our pupils.

Our purpose in writing such a letter is to protect other communities from such intrusive and irresponsible filming in the future.

– Rev Steve Clarke, executive chairman of the Oasis Academy Foundry

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