Portway Lifestyle Centre opens in Oldbury

The Portway Lifestyle Centre in Oldbury which helps people with and without disabilities will be opened officially this morning.

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'No more chair' for man walking after nine years

A wheelchair-user of nine years has spoken about his determination to walk again.

Before Shaun Stretton began using the facilities at The Parkway Lifestyle Centre - which opens today - he had not walked for nine years.

Shaun's trainer, Scott Parish, said:

"When he first started, he could literally walk 5 metres, and that was a struggle, wasn't it bud? When we first started to assess you..."

Shaun replied:

"Yeah, yeah, I used to be in a chair. When I was, they said 'Shaun, walking again...?' and I said 'no more chair, I just want to walk again'!"

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