1. Chris Halpin

Guinea pigs predict England's first World Cup clash

Two teams of guinea pigs have predicted the score of England's first World Cup clash against Italy, and unfortunately it didn't go our way.

The Italian squad were first round victors at the Hatton Adventure World Stadium near Warwick.

The game played out over 90 seconds, with two teams of 11 guinea pigs given a ball filled with food. The side in possession on the final whistle, won the match.

Pet pundits say Rooney played a blinder, filling his face on the grass filled football, dominating play for the 90 seconds.

But despite his hair raising efforts, the Italians sneaked the win in the dying seconds.

Staff at the centre now hope their prediction doesn't play out, when Roy Hodgson's full-sized 11 take on Italy in Manaus on June 14.

Today's stunt was organised as a bit of fun by the team at the Adventure Park in Warwick, but it's not the first time our four legged friends have been used to predict the beautiful game.