New allegation Savile involved in child death

A convalescent home for children in Wood House Eaves in Leicestershire is one of those that has been investigated over Jimmy Savile abuse claims. Accounts of sexual abuse by Jimmy Savile at NHS hospitals will be published in a series of report.

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'Serious' allegation of death of child in Savile report passed to Leicestershire Police

Leicestershire Police are carrying out an investigation into allegations that Jimmy Savile was involved in the death of a child at a children's care home near Loughborough in the 1960s. The allegation came from an informant who also claimed to have been abused by someone called "Jimmy".

When being interviewed as part of Operation Yewtree, the informant said that a child who lived at Roecliffe Manor in Woodhouse Eaves was seen being dragged away by "Jimmy" and a friend. The following day he was told that child had died. Investigators have passed their findings to the police.

Leicestershire Police has received the report on Roecliffe Manor, and started an investigation to determine if abuse took place and if so to what extent.

That investigation is ongoing.

– Leicestershire Police Statement

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