Dirty dancing Black Country 'grannies' video reaches a million Facebook shares

A video of four 'grannies' from the Black country dirty dancing, which became a world-wide internet hit, has now had a million Facebook shares.

It was filmed at Stourbridge Carnival and the 'elderly' dance troupe left visitors in stitches by defying their apparent age to bust some raunchy moves to music hits, including ‘twerking’ to Beyonce’s Single Ladies and Gangnam Style by Psy.

The friends in action after their now infamous Stourbridge carnival performance Credit: BPM Media

But they are actually friend Sue Hawkins, Jackie Fellows, Deb Nicholls and Emma Rollason who perform together for the Dudley-based Fizzog Productions.

The professional group have been together for 14 years after meeting at Dudley College where they studied Community Theatre.

Twerking Black Country 'grannies' become world-wide internet hit