Boy sets world record by passing computer exam at age 5

A young boy from Coventry has set a new world record by becoming a qualified computer specialist at the age of five.

By passing the exam, the coventry-based pupil has set a new world record. Credit: BPM Media

Ayan Qureshi, who lives in Walsgrave, was just five years and 11 months when he passed the exam last month and is now the world’s youngest Microsoft Certified Professional.

The Clifford Bridge Primary School pupil finished the online exam, which is normally taken after university, before the allowed time of two hours was up.

Ayan managed to finish the exam in under two hours. Credit: BPM Media

From a very early age he used to watch me on the computer. He used to sit beside me and watch very carefully. He started playing with the computer and using all my spare hardware.”

– Asim Qureshi, Ayan's father