Anger as rail fares rise by an average of 2.5%

Anger at train fare increases Credit: PA

Rail commuters will have to contend with season ticket rises of up to 2.5% from today -the average rise is 2.2%. It means some fares will have risen as much as 20% in the last five years.

The rises comes after a weeks of disruption to services with over running festive engineering work.

The rail industry has said that this is the lowest annual rise for five years. But campaign groups and trade unions have pointed out that the annual rises in fares have far outstripped the rises in wages and that Britons pay some of the highest rail fares in Europe.

Examples of rises to season ticket fares in the East Midlands:

  • Derby to London season ticket from £9,708 to £9,950 - increase of £242

  • Nottingham to London from £9,392 to £9,624 - increase of £232

  • Leicester to London from £9,300 to £9,532 - increase of £232

  • Derby to Birmingham from £3,040 to £3,116 - increase of £76

  • Nottingham to Leicester: £1,800 to £1,844 - increase of £44