Conference to tackle FGM takes place in Nottingham

Around 80 people attended a conference organised to tackle rising rates of Female Genital Mutilation in the city.

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Nottingham to hold conference calling for an end to FGM

A conference is being held in Nottingham later to try and tackle rising rates of Female Genital Mutilation in the city.

Local hospitals say that up to 200 new cases of FGM have been reported each year since 2010 - but one survivor says that number is masking the real number because people are scared to come forward.

Up to 200 new cases of FGM are reported in Nottingham every year. Credit: Gerard Fritz/Eye Ubiquitous

The focus of the event is about coming up with an action plan to get more people reporting FGM, and to ensure that support organisations have the right services in place for survivors and those at risk.

Valentine Nyoko, who is a survivor of FGM moved to Nottingham to study last year.

Valetine, who has organised today's conference, says there wasn't enough community engagement around FGM, so she set up the Mojatu Foundation to empower survivors and protect people at risk.

Her Foundation is being supported by police, local authorities and women's organisations.

Because FGM is illegal, survivors are scared to report it because they feel they'll get people in trouble.

It's a cycle that needs to be broken and that can only be done in the heart of the community.

– Valentine Nyoko, the Mojatu Foundation

For more information, visit the Mojatu Foundation website

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