Leicester's New Walk towers topple in amazing controlled explosion

Leicester's New Walk Towers have been razed to the ground in an incredible controlled explosion this morning - find all the 'buiild up' and the 'blow down' here >>>

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Leicester's New Walk Towers turn to dust in pictures

Just before the charges in the 40 year old structure were detonated Credit: Dean Amory
Floors start to buckle as gravity gets to work Credit: Dean Amory
Most of the main structure begins to implode in on itself Credit: Dean Amory
Dust starts to consume the city with the main tower now barely recognisable Credit: Dean Amory
Only one part of the smaller tower is now visible after the explosion Credit: Dean Amory
New Walk Centre is now a cloud: the whole demolition took just 13 seconds from detonation to dust cloud, the clear up will now begin Credit: Dean Amory

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