Walk in honour of tragic Birmingham doctor, told to 'find a cure' for being gay

The fiancé of a Birmingham-born Harley Street doctor who killed himself after his mother told him to find a “cure” for being gay has embarked on a 130-mile sponsored walk.

Dr Nazim Mahmood killed himself after confiding his sexuality to his mother. Credit: BPM Media

Matt Ogston set off from London on Saturday to raise awareness and funds for the Naz and Matt Foundation, launched following the death of Dr Nazim Mahmood.

The University of Birmingham graduate, who was from Handsworth, was in a relationship with Mr Ogston for 13 years before he fell from the balcony of his mansion block penthouse in West Hampstead on July 30 last year.

An inquest last year heard that Dr Mahmood, who specialised in cosmetic beauty procedures, took his own life just two days after confiding in his Muslim mother for the first time about his sexuality.

The court was told she suggested he saw a psychiatrist to find a “cure” when he revealed his sexuality.

Mr Ogston was joined by friends and supporters for the start of the eight-day walk to Handsworth Cemetery, where Dr Mahmood is buried.

Describing him as his eternal soulmate, he said the couple met in Birmingham and lived in the city before moving to London to escape Dr Mahmood’s family and live “a free life.”

He had no history of mental health problems or depression before taking his own life.

Matt Ogston had been in a relationship with Nazim Mahmood for 13 years. Credit: BPM Media

“Naz was the most inspirational, loving and caring man you will ever meet.

He had come to the conclusion that he would probably never be able to tell his family.

But just two days before he passed away he was asked and he admitted he was gay, that he planned to marry me

I only wish we had had longer to talk it through.”

– Matt Ogston