Coventry in ground breaking prostate cancer research

Researchers from Coventry University have been awarded a £0.5 million grant for ground breaking prostate cancer research.

Scientists at Coventry University have been given a £0.5 million grant Credit: PA

It will be used to explore the side effects of hormone therapy in treatment of the condition. Prostate cancer kills around 10,000 people every year.

Elizabeth Grunfeld, Professor of Health Psychology at the University who will be leading the three year project, said:

Hormone treatment is the standard first treatment for most men who are diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer, and for many it can keep the disease at bay for years.

However some men report a decline in their cognitive ability as a result of the treatment.

With this substantial grant we will identify which factors make men more or less likely to be at risk of cognitive decline as a result of hormone therapy.

This would help men and their doctors make more informed treatment choices as well as leading us closer to finding a method of treating this side effect.

– Elizabeth Grunfeld, Professor of Health Psychology