Richard III sand sculptures created in Leicester

The sculptures required 80 tonnes of sand Credit: Nicola Wood/KRIII Visitor Centre

Four internationally renowned sand sculptors have been creating sculptures this week in Leicester in honour of the legacy of King Richard III - and the Bank Holiday Weekend will be the last chance to catch a glimpse of them.

The creations, which required 80 tonnes of sand, include a depiction of the investiture of King Richard III’s son Edward, a scene from the Battle of Bosworth and a giant facial reconstruction of King Richard III.

Creating an exhibition in Leicester is something I have always wanted to do. I’m so excited that we have almost finished. The reaction has been fantastic.”

– Nicola Wood, project organiser and sculptor
Visitors can see the completed sculptures this weekend Credit: Nicola Wood/KRIII Visitor Centre

The final sculpture will be completed on Saturday, to coincide with the open workshops at Wygston’s House in Leicester city centre.

The trail begins a the entrance to the King Richard III Visitor Centre. There is a second sculpture in the Courtyard, which can be viewed by those visiting the Centre. The trail then moves on to Wygston’s House and ends at the BBC courtyard.

Three artists will be hosting a free sand sculpture workshop at Wygston’s House over the Bank Holiday weekend from 10am until 5pm - everyone is welcome.