Court hears ten-year-old boy began losing hair after being hit at Islamic school

Mohammed Siddique and his son Mohammed Waqar will be sentenced later. Credit: PA

A court has heard how a ten year old boy started losing his hair after he was beaten by his teachers at an Islamic school because he wasn't reading the Koran properly.

Mohammed Siddique, who's 60 and his 24 year old son Mohammed Waqar, have admitted child cruelty.

Birmingham Crown Court heard that they both hit a ten year old pupil with a stick, once on the back of his legs and on another occasion they slapped him.

The boy said he was hit as a form of punishment if he misbehaved or didn't do his work properly.

He said he was hit on the back of his hand if he didn't read from the Koran properly during lessons at the Sparkbrook Islamic Centre attached to the Jamia Masjid Mosque in Birmingham .

The men will be sentenced this afternoon.