Almost 1,000 children homeless this Christmas

Hundreds of children are going to be homeless this Christmas, according to Shelter Credit: PA

Almost 1,000 children in the East Midlands are set to wake up homeless this Christmas, according to housing charity Shelter.

As a result of housing shortages, a number of families are having to live in Bed and Breakfast establishments and hostels.

The charity is warning of the knock-on effects of living in temporary accommodation. Research done with twenty families living in B & Bs and hostels found that:

  • Half of parents said their child's physical health had been negatively affected since living in the B&B or hostel
  • Every family lived in a single room, often with children and parents having to share a bed
  • Most families said their room was in a state of disrepair, and over half of families said their room was not secure
  • Most families had to eat meals on the floor or on their bed as very few had space for a table or a fit communal area to eat in
  • Three quarters had to share toilets and washing facilities with other residents
  • All families who shared a bathroom said they were in poor condition, including reports of unlockable doors, slippery or cracked tiles and dangling electrical wires