Leicestershire's latest community library opens

The Sileby Community Library opens today Credit: Soeren Stache/DPA/Press Association Images

Leicestershire's latest community partnership library opens its doors later today, when the county council hands over the keys to local residents in the village of Sileby.

The library will be open from 2pm to 5pm today.

The county council says it needs to make £800,000 of savings in its library service, meaning that it has asked 36 communities to manage their own libraries.

It's hoped 30 of those communities will reach an agreement on their local library by April next year.

"We are grateful for the support we have received from local residents and organisations that has enabled us to get to where we are today. The library is an important part of our community and we hope to offer new and exciting activities for the whole village to enjoy."

– Sarah Freeman, Sileby Community Library Management Committee

"The council has been carrying out further work with other communities which need more help with their plans. I hope that groups can come forward to run all 36 libraries."

– Councillor Richard Blunt