Coroner rules Birmingham pub bombing inquests can be resumed

A coroner has ruled that inquests into the deaths of those killed in the Birmingham pub bombings can be reopened.

Two bombs exploded in pubs in the city on November 21, 1974, killing 21 people and injuring 182 others.

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Birmingham Six's Paddy Hill welcomes inquest decision

Birmingham Six: (Left-right) John Walker, Paddy Hill, Hugh Callaghan, Chris Mullen MP, Richard McIlkenny, Gerry Hunter and William Power. Credit: PA Images

One of the men wrongly convicted of being behind the Birmingham pub bombings has welcomed a coroner's decision to resume inquests into the deaths of the 21 people killed.

Paddy Hill, one of the 'Birmingham Six' who spent 16 years behind bars for the attacks before their convictions were overturned, said the decision was a victory for the families of the victims.

He voiced scepticism over whether the inquests would reveal the "whole truth" about what happened, however, accusing police in Birmingham of "lying" over the decades since the bombings.

I want this for the families. They've had their whole worlds collapse twice - once when we got convicted, and they had something to focus on, they thought the guilty people were in prison.

And then when we got released, and ever since then they've been fighting for this, for 20 years.

Not only that, since we got out, all the Birmingham police have done with the families is tell them lies.

– Paddy Hill

He went on to say he believed he knew the identities of those who placed the bombs around the city - and while a couple had since died, others were still walking free.

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