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Asbestos petition will get Ministerial response

Asbestos fibres Credit: ITV Channel TV

The first e-petition to have reached 1,000 signatures will receive a response from Ministers in Jersey.

The appeal, which calls for automatic compensation to be given to those who may have been diagnosed with mesothelioma, has reached it's first barrier.

It's organisers will now receive a response from Ministers. If the number of signatures reaches 5,000, then it will be debated in the States Chamber.

The disease, which is caused from inhaling deadly asbestos fibres, is thought to kill three people a year on the island.

In the UK a person diagnosed with the disease is automatically entitled to access a compensation scheme but this is not the case in Jersey.

There have been ongoing calls to Jersey's government to make sure that public owned properties are made safe from the deadly material.

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