Hedgehog rescued from drain peril

Rob Moore with Lamar the hedgehog

A lucky lady hedgehog is recuperating in hospital after being found stuck down a drain in the Guernsey parish of Castel.

Lamar was rushed to St Andrew’s GSPCA Animal Shelter after being discovered trapped, with staff keeping a watchful eye on her after her brush with danger.

Thankfully, although a little thin, she came away with no major injuries. Nonetheless, she remains in care as the shelter attempts to build her up.

The incident has prompted the GSPCA to urge the public to be on the lookout for the creatures – which often endure a difficult time during the autumn to winter months.

As well as being cute, hedgehogs can be very useful to people with gardens, as they help to control pests.

How to spot a sick or injured hedgehog:

The GSPCA have offered some top tips on how to diagnose a hedgehog in need:

  • Any hedgehogs seen out in daylight will need urgent help (they do not sunbathe)

  • Any cut or wound is urgent

  • Any Hedgehog with flies on it or maggots crawling on it needs very urgent help

  • Any hedgehog limping or walking strangely needs help

  • Any hedgehog that looks very thin or wobbly or has bald patches or missing spines

If you see a sick or injured hedgehog, give your local animal shelter a call;

GSPCA (Guernsey): 01481 257261 or click here to be taken to the animal shelter's website.

JSPCA (Jersey): 01534 724331 or click here to be taken to its website.