More than a quarter of fruit juices 'more sugary than Coca-Cola'

Some fruit juices contain more sugar than a Coca-Cola Credit: PA still

As islanders begin to battle the festive flab, they are being warned of the dangers of sugar. Weight-loss expert Joanne Reid Rodrigues says sugar is one of the main culprits for weight gain.

Research by Action On Sugar (AOS) found more than a quarter of fruit juices, smoothies and fruit drinks had the same amount of sugar or more than Coca-Cola, which has 10.6g for every 100ml.

AOS examined 200 drinks and the worst contender was Tesco's Goodness Slurper Apple & Banana Fruit Smoothie Snack for Kids, as it contained 16.1g of sugar for 100ml.

Asda's Chosen by Kids Tropical Juice From Concentrate was also packed with sugar, researchers at Queen Mary University in London found 13g of sugar per 100ml in the drink.

Action on Sugar nutritionist Kawther Hashem said it was a concerning finding, given rates of childhood obesity and tooth decay.

She said the survey looked specifically at juices that were aimed at children or marketed as lunchbox-friendly.

Fresh fruit juices - which cannot contain additives like extra sugar - tended to do better than fruit drinks or juices made from concentrate.

ITV's Good Morning Britain is running a 'Sugar Free GMB' campaign. It gives details of meal plans, recipes, and expert advice.