German anti-aircraft gun emplacement uncovered in Sark

A German anti-aircraft gun emplacement has been uncovered in Sark.

Kevin Adams excavated it with help of youngsters Bailey Gill and Flynn Martin, removing around seventy tonnes of earth.

Mr Adams had uncovered a small section of the circular platform a few years ago, but this is the first time that the whole area has been cleared.

Most of the platform is paved with granite setts that Kevin thinks were removed from the slipway in Creux Harbour when the Germans installed anti-tank obstacles there.

Sark was the least heavily fortified of the Channel Islands during the Occupation, with just a handful of gun emplacements.

Mr Adam's research suggests the gun on his land would have been able to reach targets up to five miles away, therefore defending Sark from the air and from seaborne attacks from the east.

There are the remains of small underground rooms nearby that would have been used for storing ammunition and shelteringthe troops operating the weapon.