Waves batter the coast at high tide

Vazon under water Credit: Graham Skuse

The south coast of Jersey had an Orange Tide Warning in force issued by Jersey Met, for high tides this morning. The water there did spill over the sea walls a little, but there was no flooding reported.

Guernsey's west coast had a Red Flood Warning in force issued by Guernsey Met. Water was seen on the roads in places, with a little minor flooding, and Perelle Road was closed due to some water and debris.

This morning we had high tides at 7.20 am in Jersey and 7.28 am in Guernsey.

The situation on both islands have been worse in the past.

Rocks and waves in Guernsey Credit: Graham Skuse
Credit: Graham Skuse

Guernsey Met have issued a further Tide Warning for tonight's high tide at 7.52pm to affect the west coast. The tide height (10m/32.8ft) combined with strong north- north westerly winds will see further water breaking over the sea walls.

They have also issued a Flood warning for tomorrow's high tide at 8.11am (10.3m/33.8ft) when the winds may touch a strong force 7 from the north west.

Jersey Met are not issuing any alerts or warnings for this period, but may issue one for later in the weekend as the winds become strong and gusty again and swing top the south west.

The UK Met have published a joint blog with the UK Environment Agency on super tides and the weather this weekend in the UK, but some of the information is relevant to the Channel Islands. For further information, click here