Further weather warnings have been issued for Channel Islands

La Passee, Guernsey, taken by Trevor Mahy

After a weekend of high tides, and warnings of potential flooding, particularly on Guernsey's west coast, the islands are now facing some strong and gusty winds.

  • A red storm warning has been issued by Jersey Met stating that there will be a severe gale force 9 winds with gusts to 69 mph. The winds will come from the west to north west.

Although a Red Storm Warning has been issued - this is not completely unusual - there are 2 or 3 issued each winter. Sophia our Weather Presenter explains:

In addition to the Storm Warning, Guernsey Met have issued a Flood Warning again for tonight on their west coast, where damage and flooding has continued throughout the weekend.

Sophia added that this is not unusual when the winds are in this direction, but it has caused inconvenience and delays along the Perelle Road.

On Tuesday morning there is a lesser warning of a Tide Alert for the same coast.

Jersey Met have not issued any further coastal warnings at this time. As the tides are now abating, and the winds will ease a little, there are unlikely to be many more tidal warnings or alerts.

A yellow thunderstorm warning has also been issued today - there is the risk of thunder and lightning as showers move across the Channel Islands area over the next 24 hours.

Sophia will continue to have updates on ITV though-out the day, and on twitter @SophiaWeather