Guernsey squash star: inter-insular needs to stay

Chris Simpson says the event is important.

Guernsey's professional squash player, Chris Simpson, has told ITV News it's imperative the inter-insular remains in the sport's calendar.

It comes after Jersey's Director of Squash told us the event was "in jeopardy", largely due to travel costs.

It meant only 24 matches took place at the weekend's inter-insular in Guernsey - as opposed to the planned 48 - because many players were put off by expensive flights.

Regarding the future of the competition, Simpson said:

One possible solution is to move the date of the event so the cheaper option of travelling by ferry is available.

But changes are needed according to the two islands' squash associations, who admit the current format is not sustainable.

Saturday's clash was won by Guernsey for the first time since 2008.