It's now almost three years since Jersey made world headlines after the largest ever hoard of Celtic coins were discovered in a field in Grouville.

Painstaking excavation has been taking place ever since and it is only now that other items within the cluster are beginning to surface.

12,000 coins have from the potentially 70,000 total have been separated from the hoard, but it is what's now being found in and amongst those coins and that is of great interest to the archaeologists.

The latest thing is probably a torque in this area, a gold torque that was found recently. So every new day is a bit of a surpass and just seeing what else we can uncover.

Viki Le Quelenec, Archaeologist

The two metal dectorists who discovered the hoard have remained heavily involved in its excavation.

But they still find the time to treasure hunt together when possible.

We still go out now and then but a lot of our time is actually spent doing voluntary work here at the museum and working on the hoard so it is very exciting to actually be here and doing that and if we get the chance we still go out and have a look the bug is still there.

Richard Miles, Metal detectorist

People can watch the coin hoard being worked on at Jersey Museum.