Miracle baby born against the odds

Credit: ITV News

A Jersey couple are celebrating the birth of their miracle baby.

Adam and Glenda Budworth both suffered horrific injures when a tree fell on them during the blizzard of 2013.

They both had broken backs and fractured legs, requiring surgery and a year long recovery. They also had to wear back braces for months and needed zimmer frames and crutches to get around.

The accident that left them both in braces

The accident happened as they have been told they couldn't have children following Glenda's battle against a rare form of cancer.

Now after seven years of setbacks, the couple have now welcomed their daughter Dolly-Rae.

It's fantastic, I'm already looking at baby number 2 because I'm loving life at present, it's just adorable, it's our dream come true.

Glenda Budworth

I think probably the first week I probably cried about 10 or 12 times a day and probably at the moment there are times still every time I'm down here on my own in the morning with her I tend to shed a tear now and again, so yeah, absolutely amazing to be honest.

Adam Budworth

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