Cooler weather means less honey for Jersey

The cooler weather Jersey has had this spring means that bees in the island haven't been as mobile.

That means they haven't made as much honey as they had at this time last year.

Beekeeper Alastair Christie says the only way it will pick up is if the warmer weather comes.

Credit: ITV News

Alastair has thousands of bees - with six hives with up to 50,000 in each one.

He checks on them every week, but says that islanders without hives can still do their bit to help bee colonies.

Alastair's honey won't be harvested until August so there is still time for stocks to improve, but it seems unlikely unless the weather improves too.

Credit: ITV News
Credit: ITV News
Alastair Christie with ITV reporter Hannah Bechelet Credit: ITV News