Henry Cavill talks his new movie, fear of flying, and 'that' Siam Cup

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He is known as the Man of Steel, but now he is also The Man From U.N.C.L.E.

Jersey's homegrown superhero, Henry Cavill, is now returning to the big screen for a very different role.

He's playing smooth-talking CIA agent Napoleon, in Guy Ritchie's reboot of the classic 60s TV, The Man From Uncle.

David Beckham makes a cameo in the movie but Henry admits he was gutted their filming schedules didn't coincide, "I completely missed seeing him. I'd love to meet him and see what he's like in person as he is a national treasure."

Lionel Wigram, Hugh Grant, Elizabeth Debicki, Armie Hammer, Henry Cavill, Alicia Vikander and Guy Ritchie Credit: Ian West/PA Wire/Press Association Images

Henry on his new movie

The great thing about Napoleon is he loves to be the suave cool guy. Definitely a ladies man, but he's not the kinda guy who you hate because he is too cool, he does mess up. He's just exceptional about covering up in such a wonderful way you end up finding him amusing.

Hanry Cavill

Having launched onto the world stage back in 2013 as Superman in the Man of Steel, Henry has well and truly secured his place among the Hollywood A list. Though for the Jerseyman it's about more than the glitz and glamour of L.A.

Henry on fame

Hollywood is an entity. It's a thing which spans across the world. I've experienced it now certainly on a larger scale and it has been very interesting very informative. Life has definitely changed, now I can't go to the shops.

Hanry Cavill

Henry on the Siam Cup

That was certainly true when Henry returned to Jersey to promote Durrell Wildlife Trust and of course, his appearance at the Siam Cup.

Henry at the Siam Cup

I remember going for a drink afterwards, and there just being a crowd of people right behind me. And I thought, wow! It's not quite like it used to be.

Hanry Cavill

Henry will be returning to his role as Superman. This time taking on Batman: Clash of the titans, which is due to hit cinemas next year.

Henry on fashion

This weekend, he dressed head to toe in ivory for Guy Ritchie's wedding at his home in Wiltshire. He admits he will get into a suit wherever possible.

I love a suit, if i have a chance to wear one I will.

Hanry Cavill

Henry on his fear of flying

He has also admitted he isn't too fond of actually flying, and says he often takes his pet dog with him on flights for a bit of comfort.

Henry's trusty plane dog

You know once you are on a plane you are on a plane there is nothing about it is just nice to have your dog there with you.

Hanry Cavill

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